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Bodybuilding-Greg Adler
Greg Adler. Courtesy of MET-Rx USA, Inc.

"In 2004 I won the MET-Rx Body Challenge.
I am a practicing attorney as well as a MET-Rx spokesman.

During years of lifting, I must have gone through a pair of leather weightlifting gloves every three months. The leather would tear, the stitching come undone, they'd get all stretched out, not fit, or start to smell. I just stopped buying them.

Now, I use NewGrips and I'll NEVER use anything else. Not only is the price right, but they protect my hands, keep them cool, support my wrists, give me a much better grip, allow me to lift more weight, and they're nearly indestructible.

As an athlete I value performance and as an attorney I value proof.

NewGrips have proven themselves to perform better than anything I've ever used."

- Greg Adler, California

Muscle Law

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Al Vaughan

"Let me be very direct...
If you are not bodybuilding using NewGrips you
are not lifting to your potential. Grips are THE best thing you can add to your bodybuilding routine!

-Al Vaughan, Champion,
U.S. Nationals, All Natural Grand Master, 2003
(National Gym Association)


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bodybuilding weight lifting gloves < 1/4 inch of flexible neoprene.
 < Protects palms and fingers against pressure.
 < Strengthens wrists.
 < Pads attach to wrist straps with velcro.
 < Fully adjustable for custom fit.
 < Will not take on odors as do leather gloves.
 < Open back. Easy on and off. Cool hands.