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New Grip Testimonials

  NewGrips Testimonials

Quick international shipping, excellent item and service! Thanks!


 Thanks for express delivery excellent quality as well. AAA

Super fast delivery - looking forward to the gym session this afternoon – thanks

Thanks, fast delivery and great straps, * * * * * DELUXE

Thanks, great product, drummer with "live forever" top oasis tribute band

Awesome Product!!! Fast Shipping!!!

Fast delivery & very happy with product, has improved lifting capacity.

The best gloves out there great service and delivery thanks A++++++++++

Great wrist straps! Great E-Bayer! Very fast shipping!

Speedy delivery, can’t wait to get to grips with these ; )

Gave these to my son for Xmas he says they are great in the gym.

Fantastic service as ever - amazing product - changed my drumming life

These are great; No more blisters and can row faster then before.


"I love the "New Grip". It has allowed me to lift about 20% more in just about every routine since I started using them. There has been no hand pain associated with use of New Grips, as a matter of fact the calluses that I once had are no longer since I changed to your product. I am sure all of us who utilize the "New Grip" will continue to spread the word about such a wonderful fitness product."

-Richard D. Seiwert, Arizona


"NewGrips are indispensable training aids. I train professional athletes using NewGrips. No athlete can afford calluses or a fresh blister just because of a good workout. Grips protect those expensive hands. They deliver superior workouts compared to the leather gloves we used in the past."

-Mick Smith, NBA, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Orlando Magic.


"Arthritis causes me great hand pain. No glove was able to help me workout. But, with Grips, everything is easier. NewGrips cushion and absorb weight bar shock."

-Hal Syfritt, California

"NewGrips saved my right hand! Arthritis joint pain has been sneaking up on me and caused weight bars to hurt. NewGrips took the pain away! I now lift like when I was much younger. If there's a motto here it is, 'Don't let weightlifting wear out your hands...instead, get a New Grip on your workout."

-Ed Vigiotti, Massachusetts

"I have arthritis in my hands and wrists. I would get so discouraged because I knew I could lift more if my hands didn't hurt so much. With New Grips I don't have to grip so hard and I can do more reps and use heavier weights (this is great for my self-esteem!!). Thank you for a great product."

- Connie Maksemetz, Ohio

"I like the freedom my fingers have using new grips. (I have OA and gloves constricted my finger joints. After a heavy lifting session, my fingers ached.) Not any more. I really like the feel NewGrips y give me when I grip the weights. This will be my third pair of pads."

-Perry McGinnis

" I'm a 54 year old woman with a touch of osteo arthritis in my hands. I can't believe the difference gripping onto the compressible neoprene pad instead of an un-compressible knurled steel bar. My finger joints are feeling far less stress! As promised, they are easy-on, easy-off and no heat or sweat builds up while using them. Very innovative and they require no period of adjustment. I'm glad I discovered your web-site. Keep up the good work."

- Kathy Cole, Connecticut


"Our bench-press has gone up 15-30lbs. Cynthia can bench 215 for 4-reps now, and I'm doing 250-275 for 6-8reps. The grip makes a different." 

—Elmus Jr. & Cynthia Billingsley, California

"Bench pressing and pull-ups are more comfortable with Grips. Buying my second pair is a good deal because they endure."

-Patrick Haley, Indiana

"Until about 6 weeks ago I could bench up to 355 pounds and then I started getting pain in one hand and I haven't been able to tolerate more than 315 since (at times 200 has been hard). Using your "double thickness technique" I lifted 345 this evening with no pain or discomfort (at least not in my hands)."

- Herb Neufeld, California

"The neoprene cushion effectively protects my palms - I no longer feel significant compressive forces in my wrists when bench pressing, and after just 3 workouts, calluses are healing! Gripping bars is no longer a question of squeezing till im blue in the face or hanging on for dear life! "

- Mike Kaladeen, Oxford University, England

"Since using Grips I went from benching 275# to 350# at 188 pounds and feel sronger every month."

-Ryan Bennett

"i just came back from my best workout ever.
the guys at the gym were amazed.
my top one rep bench press is 140kg its 308lbs.
when u lift such weight the metal pressure on your bone gives the mind signal that it is overload.
the NEWGRIP gave my mind false signal like it was very easy weight.
no pressure on the bones it was amazing!!!
the grip was very stable no bar shakes.
my next sets were so easy all guys were amazed !!
its amazing how so simple glove is so perfect!!!
and i will keep telling everyone about your gloves!!!"

- Itai Salamon, Israel

"I have already increased my Bench by 10 pounds in the first session. I love NewGrips."- Dennis Ammon, California

"Grips are a big help with the close-grip bench press, the normal bench press, and the shoulder press. The new grips make significant weight possible with all those."

- Cash Coyne, Texas


"Since using NewGrips I rarely have to focus on how I grip, and instead focus intently on the muscles that I am exercising.
I am now able to lift significantly heavier weights, and growing much faster then previously.
Secondly, my hands are under much less torment from the rigors of hard workouts.
Grips are a vast improvement over the gloves and straps I've tried in the past... I love the product."

-Tim Radle, Ohio

"I just love these things! I have no hand pain at all following my sessions, and the grip is far superior to that of any gloves I've ever used. They keep my hands cooler and the bar drier. I'm able to forget about my grip now and concentrate fully on breathing and form. I have no doubt that these NewGrips will be replaced with other NewGrips when the time finally comes!"

- Brad Hummer, Colorado

"Listen, I have 4% body fat, ripped muscles and 8 pack abs. Earlier, when someone would ask for advice on how I get my physique I would hesitate to answer cause I wanted to keep my secrets. I now have the same feeling when people ask me about my NewGrips. At first, I wanted to be the only one with these kick ass gloves but now I freely tell them about your website and product. Simply put, Grips make everything easier to do. I am a very happy customer."

-Reginald Saffold, New York, NY

"Nothing slips in my hands anymore. Grips really work. I stay more focused and that's what really counts.'

—Phil Hernon, 1995 U.S.A. Bodybuilding Champion

"I am a hard core bodybuilder and NewGrips make my grip much more stable and secure. I'm glad I found them on the internet."

-Kenneth Shepherd, Texas

"BODY for LIFE" Program Participants:

" the New Grips. They make my workout enjoyable. I also know for a fact I was able to use heavier weights on my dumbbells."

-John R Mayfield, Michigan

" workout is more comfy. Much better then gloves. I zoomed up 5 lbs on everything my hand touched from deadlifts to curls. Very cool."

-Bud Alston, Doylestown, PA

"New Grips definitely make lifting heavier dumbbells more comfortable."

-Loyd Turner, Texas


"Yes, the NewGrips help with Body Pump because hand sweating no longer interferes with my grip, and with the support and cushioning of Grips I can concentrate more on my form instead of just holding onto the bar."

-Dana Druminski, Michigan

"I found the winning combination for BodyPump: The PowerPads and wrist straps. I used them yesterday during class and it was great. The combination has already started to alleviate my huge problem with doing chest presses. Before, by the end of the chest press track, my hands were crimson red and in excruciating pain. I have already gone up in weight as well. I also find a big difference when I am doing dead-rows, dead-lifts...the wrist straps keep my wrists straighter and I don't feel as much of a strain when I am bringing the bar down. I forgot them at home last week and sure enough, I had to go down in weight. They really do make a big difference. If more people that did Pump knew about these things, who knows! I am tellin ya, I won't be leaving home without these babies. Good stuff!"

-Christa Tsoukalas, New Hampshire


"Your product allowed me to be callous free again."

—Matt Mathrani, Massachusetts

"In my profession one cannot afford calluses. I have never used a product that better protects the hands against calluses, blisters, tendinitis, and wrist over strain."

—Doug Casey, LMT, Massage Therapist at the 96' Olympic Games 

"I'm a nurse practitioner and rely on my hands to assess patients. I have no calluses thanks to NewGrips. I LOVE how they relieve pressure and tension from my fingers, allowing me to use more weight and not be limited by weakness or pain in my hands and fingers. I will be life-long user of New Grips!"

- Kathy Patterson, North Carlolina


"The calluses on my hands are healing up, man does it ever help. They also feel much better than the bulky gloves I had."

-Mike Adelmann

"Best of all no calluses. I look great and so do my hands. Thank you!"

—Matt Worley, Viginia

"The neoprene cushion effectively protects my palms - and after just 3 workouts, calluses are healing! Gripping bars is no longer a question of squeezing till im blue in the face or hanging on for dear life! "

- Mike Kaladeen, Oxford University, England